Morocco Tour Requests

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  • Morocco for 5 adults

    • Amy F
    • Morocco
    • 10 Days
    • Dec 22, 2017
    • R719356

    Looking for a 9-10 trip with driver/guide to see sights - cultural, physical. All active adults ranging from 28-67. Would like to engage in some hiking, kayaking, whatever seems reasonable given the offerings in Morocco. Good food, too!

    • 5 Adults

  • Morrocco

    • Amy F
    • Morocco
    • 10 Days
    • Dec 22, 2017
    • R848798

    Looking for a trip for 5-6 adults in December 2017/January 2018. Looking to see the major cultural sites and do some outdoor activities as available. Would like a trip with guide(s), driver(s), reasonably priced accommodations that are clean but do not need to be high end. Simple, as long as clean (with en suite facilities) will be fine.

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    • 6 Adults

  • Backpacking, hiking and drawing

    • Nida H
    • Morocco
    • 21 Days
    • Jun 07, 2015
    • R482157

    I would like to go somewhere where it is scenic and a place to hike and draw in my sketchbook. I could stay in one location or hike to various location.

    I would also be interested in attending beginner Arabic classes.

    The dessert also interests me

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  • Morocco Desert Tour, Camel OverNight, Camps and trekking In Erg Chebbi

    • Hakim A
    • Morocco
    • 16 Days
    • Flexible Dates
    • R398438

    Overnight Camel trek with Moroccan Desert Trips Day Tours s an experience you will never forget and one which we hope will bring something unique to your adventure. Our desert tours offer traditional music and drumming, excellent cuisine and sleeping in the desert beneath a stunning canopy of stars in our traditional nomadic bivouac

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    • 20 Adults , 20 Children

  • Morocco town and desert

    I would like a short break that included Camel ride, Berber hospitality, brief town/city/village tour, desert and bird or wildlife watching if possible

    • 2 Adults

  • Other Way to Morocco

    • Mike A
    • Morocco
    • 14 Days
    • Oct 25, 2014
    • R507932

    Morocco - to see the country, get to see the culture, have some time on the beach. Happy to travel (would like to travel about). If the beach resort has a spa facility so much the better. Travel time end of October for two weeks

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    • 2 Adults