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  • Discovering south east Asia

    • Mario N
    • Indonesia,Malaysia,Thailand
    • 20 Days
    • Jul 01, 2016
    • R387995

    I want a travel where I can explore the true South East Asian culture. I want to visit temples with monkeys.

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  • honeymoon Trip

    • Mintesh S
    • Singapore,Malaysia
    • 12 Days
    • Feb 02, 2015
    • R919561

    Looking for a honeymoon package. Am not sure about island, have got bit ingo about cosa and crabby islanf and Langkawi. May be you can suggest some other island.

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  • Southeast Asia

    • Shelby S
    • Indonesia,Malaysia,Vietnam
    • 50 Days
    • Nov 10, 2014
    • R274786

    I would like to go to Indonesia (Bali), peninsular (west) Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Preferably in that order, so as to end up in Thailand around the new year. I would be flying in from Chicago, and flying back into San Francisco (or Oakland). If it is very expensive to fly into Indonesia, I would ideally have a layover in New Zealand. Although my initial goal was an extended 6 month backpacking trip, I am now looking at a much more modest 6-8 week trip due to financial reasons.
    We will be a group of 2 or 3 early/mid 20s women, and we are interested in culture, beautiful scenery, good food, relaxation and trying new experiences. I am not particularly interested in spending time in large cities, however I do want to explore some urban areas such as markets.

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  • Road Tripping South East Asia

    • Cher O
    • Singapore,Thailand,Indonesia
    • 14 Days
    • Nov 02, 2014
    • R452239

    Hi, I would like to leave from Thailand going to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The trip must end at Indonesia. Single person. Would like a guided tour.

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