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  • Las Vegas , Grand Canyon , Los Angeles

    • Dev B
    • United States
    • 5 Days
    • Oct 17, 2017
    • R430441

    My wife and I are reaching Las Vegas on 17th October 2017 afternoon.

    Las Vegas
    - Need stay options preferably on the strip for one night

    Grand Canyon
    - transport from Vegas tp Canyon - reach canyon in time to catch sunset
    - Helicopter ride in the canyon
    - one night stay in maswick lodge

    Los Angeles
    - transport fom Canyon to LA - preferably train
    - LA city tour - rodeo drive,Kodak studio, walk of fame, Hollywood, Universal Studio etc.
    - LA beaches tour

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  • New york - Playa del Carmen

    • Francesco R
    • United States,Mexico
    • 14 Days
    • Jun 05, 2017
    • R765076

    We want to flight from Rome or Naples to new york. Stay there for 4 or 5 days and then move to Mexico, in some place like cancun or playa del carmen or tulum. Then move back to rome on june 17 or 18. We want to see the center of new york and a week on the beach and some nice experiences in mexico. Thanks

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  • forth worth tx

    • Lisa S
    • United States
    • 7 Days
    • Sep 24, 2016
    • R550850

    visit local sites. need help with hotel. interested in touring stadium where Dallas Cowboys play. maybe a tour of Fort Worth and Dallas. attend Texas Rangers game.

    Coming with my daughter, who will be attending a conference at the Cendera Center 3600 Benbrook Hwy. I will have free time from 9-4 M-Thurs and Fri morning. Need hotel somewhat close by-looking for indoor pool, free breakfast and staff that can answer questions I might have.

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  • Family Wilderness Vacation

    • Dawn D
    • United States,Canada
    • 20 Days
    • May 30, 2014
    • R675604

    The wish list of activities:
    • Polar bear watching
    • Whale watching
    • Icebergs and iceberg calving
    • Snowmobile ride / site seeing
    • Bear watching / bears catching fish
    • Dog sledding
    • Camping out 1 night in the forest
    • Trek with lots of flowers in landscape
    • Hot springs / geysers
    • White water rafting with kids
    • Paragliding
    • Picnic lunch in a meadow or field of flowers
    • Helicopter flights – sightseeing, glaciers, perhaps walking on glaciers and ice fields

    The family does not fish – they merely wish to see wildlife and especially, experience glaciers, icebergs and nature. This is their first trip to Canada/Alaska.

    A train ride would also be enjoyable. Drumheller was added in for the dinosaur factor.

    There are 6 adults, ages 36 to 65, and two children (ages 9 and 6).

    The accommodations required are:
    • Grandparents (1 bedroom)
    • Parents (1 bedroom)
    • Sister (1 bedroom)
    • Children (son, 9, daughter, 6) - each child could share a bedroom with the parents and grandparents
    • Staff (chef), male (staff quarters or simple accommodations)

    With their accommodations, they would like access to cooking facilities, preferably a gas stove top (no microwave). The family will only eat food prepared by their own chef to ensure it meets their religious dietary requirements.

    The Family is strict vegetarian - no fish, seafood, meat, onions, garlic or mushrooms. They bring their cook with them to ensure that all food prepared has not come in contact with meat. if family accommodations can include a kitchen, or access to a kitchen.

    the family would like to be based in a rental home, large, spacious rental home and do day trips from each location. Iceberg sightings are very important, Important enough to consider a stop over in Newfoundland.
    Please note I have reached out directly to Nimmo Bay.
    Thank you for advising which trip could be organized to meet the family’s needs. Feel free to suggest options and prices.

    Thank you

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  • Time out!

    • Dominique W
    • Australia,Singapore,United States
    • 21 Days
    • Flexible Dates
    • R994767

    Me and my boyfriend want to take 3 weeks out of work to go to Australia with stop offs there and back either in Singapore, LA or South Pacific. We want to see mainly Perth and Sydney, great barrier reef, beautiful beaches a mixture of relaxation and fun activities.

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