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Travelpickr is an online travel company developed by that applies the crowdsourcing model to the tour industry, by connecting local tour operators directly with travellers and travel companies in the tourism business. On, people can outsource travel planning while receiving customized itineraries, competitive prices, and online booking in one simplified user interface and billing system. Tour operators get an opportunity to showcase their tour and travel packages and sell them directly to travelers and to collaborate with travel companies from across the globe. Travelers can request custom tours and receive multiple quotes from competing sellers, thereby reducing planning time, increasing choice and quality, and ensuring lower prices in a competitive marketplace.

Distinguished tour packages

We are committed to providing a great travel experience to our customers and hence offer them exclusive and specialized tour packages from our tour operators for various locations around the globe. As travelers can create their own travel deals, we ensure user satisfaction. Customer retention and word-of-mouth referrals are high, thereby increasing sales and profit margins.

Tour operator friendly

We are highly attractive to tour operators because we have removed all barriers to entry: there are no upfront costs to signup, communicate with customers, or suggest tours and itineraries and we provide online and offline support to completely synchronize all communication from seller to buyer. Travelpickr is expanding to other countries every day and at present we are associated with some of the popular operators. We intend to team up with leading operators in new and varying locations soon.

Potential of travel industry

As many people are turning to the internet for travel planning and booking, an increasing number are demanding customized offerings. Travelers and travel companies organizing and booking tours online results in lower distribution costs and higher profit margins for Travelpickr. The customized tour features and crowdsourcing approach uniquely allow travelers and the travel companies to outsource their travel planning to multiple local tour operators at the same time, in the same place. This puts Travelpickr in a unique position to make a significant impact in the online travel industry.

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