Local Operators

What is a Local Tour Operator?

It is a company that organizes tours in the region in which they are based. Local knowledge. Better expertise.

Go Global

In this globalized world, we believe in supporting local economies by providing authentic interactions and local experiences. We connect you directly to the local businesses who operate great tours themselves. We break down barriers, remove the middlemen, connect travelers and travel companies with local operators and promote freedom in an open marketplace.

A Financial Win-win

By removing the traditional tour re-sellers from the picture, we allow you to save money. You will pay less for a tour on Travelpickr than for a similar tour elsewhere. Additionally, our marketplace model of connecting buyers and sellers puts more money and control in the hands of local operators – a fresh change that brings more benefits to the community and local economy.

Trusted Local Operators

We understand how important the decision is of whom to book your travel experience with. Here is how we at Travelpickr partner with reliable and trustworthy tour operators

Verification – Unlike other sites, we verify the authenticity of our operators and only allow 100% legitimate and registered tour operators to provide custom and tailor made tours to travelers through our site.

We hand-pick all local tour operators. This careful selection process is based on operators meeting our extremely important set of requirements:

  • Values and Passion

    The operator must demonstrate a belief in local commerce and an extreme passion to share cool and unique local experiences with foreign travelers.

  • Locally owned and managed

    Operators must be at least 50% locally owned and managed, and show a commitment to local staff development and training.

  • Expertise and reputation

    Local operators must have a proven track-record of running successful tours.

  • Fair Prices

    We ensure that the operators offer great prices.

  • Great Service

    The local operator must provide top notch quality service with 24/7 support for emergency cases.

  • English

    The tour operators are required to meet the language needs of the foreign traveler, from pre-tour communication to on-tour guiding.

Easy Direct Communication

Whether you're requesting a tailor-made tour to fit your needs, or just asking questions, we stand back and let you communicate directly with the local operators. But of course our Customer Experience team is always there in the background when you need them.

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