Security & Safety

Travelpickr maintains a safe environment for travelers, travel companies and tour operators to make transactions.

  • verified-experts

    We verify the credentials of all tour operators on the site, including phone numbers, addresses, business and travel licenses.

  • traveler-reviews

    Traveler Reviews

    Feedback is submitted by customers who have booked and completed tours on Travelpickr. No anonymous reviews. This guarantees the authenticity of all ratings on the site and helps people make informed decisions.

  • secure-online-billing

    Travelpickr makes it easy to book tours by credit card, PayPal and other online payment processors.

  • payment-escrow

    Payment Escrow

    Online payments made through Travelpickr are kept safe in an escrow account. Tour operators must fulfill services and complete verification to receive money. Travelers and travel companies can rest assured that their bookings are guaranteed.

  • safe-messaging

    Safe Messaging

    All interactions and messages between users happen safely on the Travelpickr website, and via our support staff who make sure all offers are fair and safe.

  • security-support


    Help is available to travelers and tour operators 24/7 by our experienced support staff via email, helpdesk, live chat and phone calls.

  • trusted-team

    Trusted Team

    You can trust us. Travelpickr is run by industry experts who have proven themselves in the business and travel worlds. to meet the team and see our photos, and don't hesitate to with questions and concerns.

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