Our Team

Travelpickr is an ambitious new service that aims to change the travel industry by applying a crowdsourcing model to the planning, managing and booking of tours. Our team consists of motivated experts with many years experience and proven success in crowdsourcing, software engineering, design, and the travel industry.

  • aravind

    Aravind Kumar

    (co-founder / investor) is the CTO of Ahsan Technologies

    As CTO of Ahsan, a major software firm with over 200 employees serving enterprise clients around the globe, Aravind has 10+ years experience with advanced programming, design, marketing and the management of large projects. Along with Aravind's creative vision, he is in a unique position to recruit the best possible talent and organize a scalable business model for Travelpickr with-- as is very important to a startup-- impressive speed, efficiency, and cost savings.

  • sree


    Operation Manager - IT Department

    A Zend Certified PHP Engineer with a Master of Computer Applications from a leading University in India, Sridharan has more than 10 years of IT experience and a long list of products to his credit like Rayzz, ISocial, etc. He loves to experiment with different tools and his love for travel and adventure got him hooked on to Travelpickr. In his spare time, Sridharan is happiest when hitting the road with his college mates and spending time with his family.

  • hussein

    Hanaa M. Hussein

    Experience Pickr

    Although her educational background is in teaching, Hanaa's love for travel brought her to the tourism industry where she has worked for several travel agencies in Egypt before joining the Travelpickr team. She firmly believes that a trip is not complete without the opportunity to learn about the local culture and food! Hanaa loves meeting and talking to new people, so drop her a line if you like!

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