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Travelpickr helps you connect directly with travelers and outbound travel companies to offer custom itineraries or sell your own tours. Suggesting your tours and communicating with customers is completely free. Whether you operate multi-day tours, day tours, or activities in your country, Travelpickr will help you sell your custom tours!

How does it work?

Offer custom tours

Travelers post custom tour requests on Travelpickr every day. Get an opportunity to promote yourself by offering advice and custom tour suggestions. We notify you about new postings; You make recommendations, communicate directly with customers, build a custom tour, and provide the customer with the itinerary and tour information. Add in photos, prices, and your refund policy. Provide quotes and sell your unique tours. For free. All on one simple interface.

Communicate with travelers

Travelpickr makes it easy to connect with customers, whether you are online or offline, our website and support staff are at your disposal. Answer traveler's and your partners questions, discuss custom itineraries, negotiate prices, provide support. If you are online, great, we offer multiple ways to reply to customers. If you are away on a guided tour, no problem, Travelpickr staff will coordinate your communication with clients, making sure you don't miss a beat!

Confirm bookings

As soon as a traveler or a partner buys your tour you will be asked to confirm the booking. We will notify you. You can login to respond (or contact our ).

Use our billing system

Travelpickr makes it easy to get paid. We offer people the security and convenience of our integrated payment system, which means you will automatically be able to accept credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers and more. And we are flexible, looking after the travelers (customers) at the same time. Either way, your earnings are kept safe in your account and can be withdrawn at any time via multiple available methods.

How much does it cost?

  1. Signup is free.
  2. Offering custom tours is free.
  3. Communicating with travelers is free.
  4. We only take a 7% commission on completed bookings if your tour is booked by a traveler and 5% commission on completed bookings if your tour is booked by a travel company (your business partner).

Why use Travelpickr?

No upfront fees

We only get paid a small commission when your tours get sold. Everything else is free, including communicating with customers.

We work for you 24/7

Your tours get sold even while you are away. Our website and staff work to coordinate communication and bookings from travelers. Never miss a beat when using Travelpickr.

Free marketing

Travelpickr spends a lot of time, energy and money marketing destinations all over the world. Our community of travelers is growing every day! Let us take care of finding new clients for you.

You control your offers

We let you define all the details of your tours: the prices, dates, cancellation policy, etc. Bookings are only confirmed once you approve them. Price negotiations and custom services are only finalized once you say so.

Synchronized communication

We make it easy to communicate directly with travelers and business partners online, and our staff helps synchronize actions and replies whenever you or your clients are offline.

Custom tour requests are our speciality

If you fulfill custom tour inquiries you will love Travelpickr. Travelpickr uses a unique travel planning system that allows all tour operators to respond and provide quotes for custom tour requests posted by travelers and travel companies. This makes us a top destination for the growing number of people who demand personalized travel.

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