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  • Full Day Fishing Tour

    Artisanal Full day Fishing

  • Adventure Package

    Experience a Canopy Tour from the treetops of Nicaragua´s Tropical Forest located on a Private Reserve. Glide along the zip lines and climb a stairs bridge and enjoy a Bird´s Eye View of the life of the Tropical Forest Habitat first hand. You will have the opportunity to be immersed in nature and see Spider Monkeys, White Faced Capuchin Monkeys, Toucans, Hawks, Sloths and much more from our Canopy platforms and of course, the spectacular views that our canopy platforms offer to the San Juan del Sur Bay and surrounding beaches.

    Preserving the Forest and Safety are our two main goals. We have the safest Canopy Tour available complying with the strictest standards using a double cable system and the best equipment of the highest quality. We only use Petzl equipment and accessories.

  • Surf Lesson

    Surf Lessons for beginners and intermediate.


    The sloth tour is a wonderful experience nearby San Juan Del Sur that you experience in a private farm located at 15 minutes driving distance, and it becomes a great opportunity to see, learn and enjoy about the interesting wildlife of our Nicaraguan ecosystem.


    Start your journey in the morning towards the Masaya Volcano National Park. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the Nindiri Volcano, one of the most active of the country and see the smoking crater from the top.
    Then head towards the city of Masaya, famous for its traditional crafts, and souvenirs. Take a look at the various stores in the market where you will find a variety of handicrafts made from ceramics and leather.


    Granada is a city in western Nicaragua and the capital of the Granada Department. With an estimated population of 123,697 (2012), it is Nicaragua's sixth most populous city.

    Granada is historically one of Nicaragua's most important cities, economically and politically. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and structure.

    Granada was founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, ostensibly the first European city in mainland America. Unlike other cities that claim the same distinction, the city of Granada was not only the settlement of the conquest, but also a city registered in official records of the Crown of Aragon, and the Kingdom of Castile in Spain.

    Granada is also known as La Gran Sultana, in reflection of its Moorish and Andalusian appearance, unlike its sister city of León and historical rival, which displays Castilian trends.


    Ometepe, an island composed of two volcanoes, emerges from the the Cocibolca, the great Lake of Nicaragua. Joined by a thin, flat isthmus the two volcanoes shape the island like an hour glass.
    Over the northern half of Ometepe looms the Concepción, a majestic and perfectly cone-shaped active volcanoe, while the southern half is dominated by the extinct volcano Maderas which is swathed in a cloud forest and has a mist-shrouded lagoon in its crater.

    Isolated from the rest of Nicaragua by the Cocibolca, the indigenous name for the Lake of Nicaragua, Ometepe feels far away from the rest of the world. Touted as the "Oasis of Peace", the island is a mesmerizing place, entrenched in history, and full of stunning sights and activities.

    Past Indian inhabitants regarded it as their promised land and a sacred island. Chorotega, Nahuatl and Mayans left a multitude of pre-Columbian artefacts spread all over the island.

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